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Activ8Her Devotional

We look forward to bringing you a weekly devotional

centered around the monthly theme. Here's this weeks!


#Arise Expectant


WEEK ONE: The Immutability of God’s Word

Immutable: "not capable of changing or being changed" (Merriam-Webster)

Something completely unchangeable.

Suggested Song - “Fight My Battles” - UPPERROOM

Thoughts - 

God's Word is immutable, which means it is not capable of changing or being changed. God, Himself, is completely unchangeable. Does knowing this change what you believe about yourself and your situations? Is your belief in alignment with God's Word? 


When your lifeboat gets a bit rocky from the stormy waves created by the unexpected, it's important to remember this truth: God is aware and He is not changing. Shift your focus to what God says is true about you or your situation. 


There are many voices contradicting what Scripture says about who you are, and how you should react in your situation. But, God is here to calm the waves—you can turn to Him in your time of need. You can get to know Him by reading His Word. Spend time with Him consistently. 


When we pray and use Scriptures in prayer, we are reminding God, and ourselves, of His promises. This is one way to anchor yourself in the Word and reframe your mindset. Your thoughts and inner monologue provide the narrative you believe. So, the best way to shake off fear and negative thought patterns that don't align with Scripture and keep you in a rut, is to anchor yourself on what Scripture says. Then, allow yourself to #Arise with hopeful expectation that God will be with you through every storm.


Reflect - How do I remain expectant? 

  • Pray the Word over your life.

  • Pray the Word over someone else's life. 

  • Find a Bible verse that speaks truth over your situation. Write it out, inserting your name and keep it with you. When you start to drift from God’s promises, in that moment pause and pray that verse. Do this for the month and watch how it shifts your focus. 

Additional Reading - Hebrews 6 (Especially Hebrews 6:18).


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