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Activ8Her Devotional

We look forward to bringing you a weekly devotional

centered around the monthly theme. Here's this weeks!


#Arise Empowered


WEEK ONE: Healthy Boundaries With People

Suggested Song - “Take It All Away” By Maverick City Music

Thoughts - 

“The apostles gathered around Jesus and reported to him all they had done and taught. Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, ‘Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.’ So they went away by themselves in a boat to a solitary place’”

(Mark 6:30-32, NIV).


This conversation between Jesus and his disciples took place right before Jesus fed 5,000 people. Jesus knew what was coming next, and if they were going to have the energy and grace to work with 5,000 people they needed to eat and rest, first. 


In essence, Jesus was telling the guys to put their air masks on before they helped the others. not only was he telling them to go eat and rest, He went WITH them (Yes, I’m looking at you). You cannot be your best if you are running on empty. However, that doesn’t mean it will always be easy to fill up your tank. “Go rest and eat” sounds simple enough. But how many of us are actually creating space in our lives to do that? 


The definition of empowered is: "to have the knowledge, confidence, means, or ability to do things or make decisions for yourself." (Merriam-Webster) Are you empowered to put up boundaries? Or do you feel as though you can’t because of worry you will disappoint? Jesus in His humanity needed rest. Jesus needed to find a quiet space to get alone with His Father. God tells us throughout the scriptures to find a quiet place and seek His face. To rest in His presence. When scripture says something we should listen. Especially when it repeats itself over and over again. (A few references for you: Psalm 27:8, Psalm 46:10, Psalm 62:5-8, Matthew 11:28-30). 


Insert: boundaries. Jesus did not say “Let’s sit down right here and hope nobody sees us so we can eat a snack really quick.” Nor did He say, “let’s walk to the kitchen and hope nobody stops us on the way.” He said, “Let’s leave and go somewhere else so they can’t get to us.” Okay, He didn’t say it that way, exactly. But they got on a boat and went to a solitary place SO that they could receive in preparation for what was coming next. They peeled away from the outside demands to create space for themselves. That’s called boundaries. Jesus and the apostles needed time before they could, once again, pour their love into others. And. So. Do. You. 


Prioritizing our well-being through boundaries is not an act of weakness. It is a testament to our understanding of our worth, and our recognition of our need for replenishment. It's an acknowledgment that we cannot pour from an empty cup and that by nurturing ourselves, we become better equipped to serve others and fulfill our purpose.


So, yes, you are empowered to put up boundaries—to carve out spaces of stillness and rest, to prioritize your needs without hesitation or guilt. In doing so, you honor not only yourself but also God, for in finding rest, you draw closer to the Lord, the source of all strength and wisdom.


What might this require of you? Do you need to decline a few invitations and begin to prioritize what aligns you with your purpose? Saying "no" to some things allows you to wholeheartedly say "yes" to what truly matters. Resting and setting boundaries are a great way to #Arise Empowered.


Reflect - 

  • Where do you need boundaries in your life? 

  • What is one thing you can say no to that will give your yes more power? 

  • Where do you feel stretched-thin the most? Why?

  • Are a lack of boundaries affecting your walk with Jesus? (Do you have time for your own devotional time? Do you have time to grow as a Christian? Do you have time by yourself to seek His face? To “go with Him to a quiet place and rest”?)

Additional Reading - Mark 6


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