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Activ8Her Chapters

Activ8Her Local chapters are the heartbeat of Activ8Her, uniting women locally of all different ages, stages, and denominations in their communities. These chapters use God’s Word as the foundation to challenge each woman

​to see the influence and impact that she is able to make in the world around her as an Activ8Her. 

These meetings also activ8 women to discover their purpose and passions as they reach out into the community to be the change, and bring the change they long to see in her world.


Launching Activ8Her Chapters! 

If you're ready to activ8 your local chapter please submit the following application. If you desire to connect in relationships, grow courageous in your faith, and build confidence in your leadership, you might be ready to become an Activ8Her Coordinator.


Want to know what an Activ8Her teaching will be like? Watch this!

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