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A Glimpse into the Greatness of God

A Glimpse into the Greatness of God

From Shirley Hartnett's Viewpoint What is great? We use the word ‘great’ in many ways. Great Lakes, Great Plains, Great Expectations… But only God is truly Great.

When we compare anything to Him, He is beyond anything, unfathomable.

God is great in His creativity and power. Our Earth is tiny compared to the sun. 1,300,000 Earths fit in our sun. There are billions of galaxies in our universe and God made and holds all things together.

I see God’s greatness in Jesus’s nature. I can fill a glass with one-hundred percent grape juice or I can fill it with one-hundred percent of orange juice. What I can’t do is fill it with one-hundred percent of grape juice and one-hundred percent orange juice at the same time.

Yet Jesus is one-hundred percent God and one-hundred percent man. How? And that isn’t even the end of the story. Only one who is infinitely God can pay the infinite debt and be fully human on our behalf.

I see God’s greatness in the Scriptures. I believe every word of Scripture is the Word of God and the words of a human author.

I see the greatness of God in the Trinity. He is one in essence and He is three in person.

I see the greatness of God in His sovereign governance. With choices, the glass is one-hundred percent full of human responsibility and one-hundred percent God’s sovereign election.

I see the greatness of God in the mentors He sent me who have loved me out of my dark twisty self. I could go on and on—these glimpses of God’s greatness.

But God sees me as worthy, loved, and His masterpiece. He sees me this way and confirms it through scripture, prayer, and fellowship with Him and others.

I can see the gifts God has blessed others with music, art, wisdom … but why can’t I see the qualities in me?

When I fail to see myself as God’s beautiful creation, instead focusing on the wrinkles on my face, or comparing myself to others results in me minimizing His masterpiece.

God took my brokenness and made it beautiful. God took my sins and forgave them. God’s grace redeemed me.

I wanted more than glimpses of God’s greatness. I want to bathe in it. I want it. To always have it.

True greatness shows up in other people’s lives. My new, blood-bought, forgiven, grace-filled life that God’s death bought was made to be laid down in love for others.

#RestoreGreatness in your life and the lives of others by honoring God's greatness!

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