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A Very Merry Cindy Christmas

It's hard to imagine that it's time once again to prepare for our single mom Christmas event, A Very Merry Cindy Christmas. But, here we are!

Last year, after discovering how many single mothers go without gifts on Christmas morning, we were able to bless 40 women with overflowing gift baskets in honor of our dear friend, Cindy. We heard from many of the woman who were full of gratitude to have these gifts to open that were just for them.

When we asked for items through our Very Merry Cindy Christmas in July event we were overwhelmed by your generosity. In case you didn't get a chance in July, we've updated our wishlist. We have been able to include the Notes to Self Prayer and Devotional Journal written by Kolleen and Chrissy from Cindy's handwritten note cards. It is our goal to include one journal in every gift bag.

We have attached the links to our Amazon Wish List and Chaza Creations below.

Kathy Rainbow at Chaza Creations is graciously offering a selection specifically for the baskets. Shop Category: A Very Merry Cindy Christmas.

Do you know a single mom we could bless this year?

At this time we are only able to accept nominations through our local chapters. If you are currently a member of one of our chapters, please use the link below. Nominations will be received from November 1-30th. If you nominate a single mom, please be aware that baskets will be delivered to the chapters and you must be available to deliver the gift to her before Christmas.

(Note: The single mom does not need to be a chapter member, only the nominator).

How you can help:

  • We are seeking partnership with local businesses for monetary or gift (items for a single mom) donations. For example: Dawn dish soap, Tide laundry detergent, etc.

  • Organize and wrap gifts (time/location to be determined).

  • Be a committee member to help plan this event.

  • Give financially to the event.

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