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Another Activ8Her Chapter Activ8ed

Last week Jody Armstrong shared her experience from her mission trip to Costa Rica. This week, Denise Greene, (East Syracuse Chapter Coordinator and Chapter Development Coordinator) shares from her trip to Atlanta with some of her chapter members.

A team of 18 people, including our very own Activ8Her East Syracuse Chapter members, Kristina, Raisa, Diane, Jackie and Denise went on a mission trip to Atlanta, Georgia. Partnering with Frontline Response ( and Abundant Life, our purpose for this mission was to serve the communities that are located in low income areas, as well as the homeless and women trapped in sex trafficking.

Our goal was to be a loving presence within each community. During our week in Atlanta, we loved on people, prepared and served food, distributed clothing, played with the children and prayed with several men and women.

Frontline Response expressed to the team that an important aspect of this trip was the importance of a first name. We should ask their name and then call them by their name at every opportunity. What a change in their facial expression when you called them by their name. They no longer felt invisible when someone actually took the time to remember their name and talk to them. The smile on their face was priceless.

Another moment was when we were distributing clothing to the men and women in a hotel community. The ladies from Activ8Her were amazing as they helped them decide what clothing looked best on them and made sure they would fit. Those receiving the clothing were so happy that we took the time to let them know we care.

When people saw our van pulling up, the kids came running and women and men had smiles on their faces; they couldn’t wait to spend some time with all of us.

God showed up in so many other amazing ways during the week and not only did we touch people lives, but they touched ours beyond measure.

This was an amazing trip that will be remembered forever.

Way to Activ8Her ability to see Jesus through your own activ8ed heart to serve Him. Amazing things happen when we are willing to #restoregenerosity to others.

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1 Comment

Aug 24, 2023

What a beautiful story! This group has gone way beyond its original dreams! I’m bursting with pride as God and His followers walk together to bring hope to the hopeless! May God bless you all ABUNDANTLY!

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