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Happy birthday, Activ8Her

In May of 2011, Christie Love launched the women's ministry, LeadHer, in southwest Missouri with the purpose of challenging women in their faith and leadership while also connecting women of all ages and denominations.

While leading women’s ministry at Believers Chapel North in Mexico, NY, Chrissy Garrett came upon the ministry of LeadHer and began a local chapter with Kolleen Lucariello as co-coordinator. The chapter was meeting and flourishing with members from several area churches.

In July of 2017, after sensing a call to pastoring a church-plant, Christie felt it was time to lay down LeadHer. The dedicated members of the local Mexico chapter would not hear of the idea of ending the life-giving connections. The chapter continued to meet with Chrissy and Kolleen developing the curriculum and content for each of the two local monthly meetings.

It wasn’t long before Christie Love felt led to gift the ministry model to Chrissy and Kolleen to take and shape into all that God would intend for the ministry to be. Much prayer, many conversations and a road trip to Missouri ensued and in August of 2018 LeadHer became Activ8Her! In November of the same year, Activ8Her was granted 501c-3 status and became incorporated as a non-profit ministry.

The core of Activ8Her’s mission remains the same as it was from the very beginning: chapters are open to the public, free to begin, attend and join, with all chapters meeting twice a month. Every chapter watches the same teaching video each month, following a yearly theme. The video, and supporting content, aims to draw women deeper in their faith, challenge them to live as leaders and to connect them through discussion and testimonies with one another.

At the five-year mark, we are blessed to have:

  • An engaged Board of Directors,

  • A solid onboarding process for new coordinators,

  • Six active chapters connecting 50+ women twice each month,

  • Two new chapters launching in September.

We are currently planning:

  • Our 3rd annual Activ8Her Live conference in October,

  • Our 2nd Very Merry Cindy Christmas single mom outreach this holiday season.

  • Development of a journal available on Amazon by the end of the year.

What will the next five years hold for Activ8Her? Let’s pray and watch together as we trust God to Activ8Her for Him!

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