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That''s a Wrap

After months in the planning and preparation phase for our Activ8Her Live Conference, we are now "basking the awe of God" stage.

We had a tremendous time together as ninety-eight women gathered at the Kallet Theater and received permission to arise, shake off the dust and take their place.

Kolleen's message provided the tools we need to face our giant—remember, David picked up five stones but he only needed one to take down the giant. Throw the right stone and then follow it to the end.

She also helped us understand that like Moses, we have a banner to lift over us that helps us win the battle against us. The banner over you is His love. (Song of Solomon 2:4) He also has chosen someone to lead your prayer army and help support you in your fight. Who are they? They can help you when you feel faith being to wither because of the grief that desires to defeat you.

Kolleen's authenticity exposed our need to confess contamination in our camp. What we saw, we wanted, so we took it and then hid it. This was the day, however, when we allowed God to reveal what had been hidden and we gave it to Him.

Wanda's story revealed how misguided we can become when we don't allow God to write our love story. Sharing her favorite quote, “Thou hast formed us for Thyself, and our hearts are restless till they find rest in Thee” (Augustine, Confessions (Book 1), she revealed how her restless heart found peace once she took the steps to shake herself from the dust and arise into courageous faith. She has been able to let go of the weight of shame that the enemy once used against her and take her place within His kingdom.

Lucienne's transparency provided the women with a profound under–standing of how the words we speak create wounds and build walls that lead to disconnect rather than create connection with those afflicted by shame to Christ. She asked that we watch our words because we don't know who is standing next to us. She also gave permission for those with deep secrets to rise from the ashes left behind.

Jessica confirmed God has a plan and place of influence for everyone. Sharing the story of Abraham's unnamed servant from Genesis 24, Jess exhorted the women to take their place and do what God asks as it will have an impact for generations to come. She shared how the Lord helped her rise from the lowest of valleys in depression to unexpected places of influence. He can do that for you, too.

It's time to Arise.

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1 Comment

Oct 29, 2023

May God continue to bless Activ8Her! You are doing great things for the Kingdom! Barbara Hemphill

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