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What's Love Got to Do With it?

In 1984 Tina Turner released her hit song, What's Love Got to Do With it?, which earned her the Grammy award for Song of the Year in 1985. Perhaps the reason for the Grammy is simple – we've all sung a similar tune to the question, "who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?" Or was it because we can relate to the verse that states "I've been takin' on a new direction, but I have to say, I've been thinkin' about my own protection, It scares me to feel this way."

I've never actually been a Tina Turner fan, but the question of this 1984 song still reverberates in my thoughts from time-to-time. The tune has a way of arriving at the exact moment I'm ready to take on a new direction, because I am thinking about my own protection. It can be scary to surrender oneself to God's command to love others as you love yourself. It never seems to fail that the moment I wonder what love has to do with anything, I receive a gentle nudge that clarifies love actually has a role to play in everything.

What does love have to do with it? John explains, "Beloved, let us [unselfishly] love and seek the best for one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves [others] is born of God and knows God [through personal experience]. The one who does not love has not become acquainted with God [does not and never did know Him], for God is love. [He is the originator of love, and it is an enduring attribute of His nature.]" (1 John 4:7-8, AMP).

Love originated with God because God is Love. What can we do to help others see God? Love them. We put him on display through actions that reveal the essence of HIs love. What displays His love? Welp, John mentions an example multiple times in his writings. It seems that if we are to take on a new direction of loving others correctly we will have to stop thinkin' about our own protection. That, my friend, can be scary.

John writes, "No one has seen God at any time. But if we love one another [with unselfish concern], God abides in us, and His love [the love that is His essence abides in us and] is completed and perfected in us" (1 John 4:12, AMP). There it is – unselfish.

"The one who loves and unselfishly seeks the best for his [believing] brother lives in the Light, and in him there is no occasion for stumbling or offense [he does not hurt the cause of Christ or lead others to sin]" (1 John 2:10, AMP). There it is again – unselfish.

God loves unselfishly. And, "love does no wrong to a neighbor [it never hurts anyone]. Therefore [unselfish] love is the fulfillment of the Law" (Romans 13:10, AMP). Wait; Paul said it, too? Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken? God does. Scared or not, God has called me (and you) to spend our lives here living in such a way that His love is revealed to others. We can only do this appropriately when we love unselfishly and trust God with the heart of self.

Unselfish love does no harm to others. This is why Jesus instructs us to "settle our differences quickly" (Matthew 5:25). We easily withhold love from those with whom we differ until we do. We avoid them. We mock them. We gossip about them. We write public posts about them. We shame them. We turn our heads when we pass them.

Unselfish love does no harm to others – publicly or privately.

So, what's love got to do with it? Everything. However, does this mean that I can do everything and call it love? I think not. God never asked us to go in a different direction and create a new model of love. Neither does He permit we only love others from a place of protection because we fear the cost might be hurt self in the end. He is the One who heals the heart that's been wounded by the lack of love. He is the One who brings clarity to His ideal of love.

He brings the healing so you can go, bring the testimony, and restore love to others. Then, you'll shine for Him when you love others from the love you've experienced from Him. This makes it possible for us to think about others, care about others and then love others like Jesus does.


Go and love others well,


PS: Chrissy suggested we add the link for the young ones who've never heard Tina's song, so here it is! What's love got to do with it by Tina Turner:

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