Very Merry
Cindy Christmas

December 17, 2022

Creekside Inn, Verona, NY 


Limited seating event for single mom’s in honor of our friend, Cindy Blaske. 

Meet Cindy

Cindy Shipley Blaske was a friend of Chrissy and Kolleen's for over 25 years.

They sat around the table and studied the Word of God together. They cried together. They lived life together. 
They solved many of the world's problems together, too. Well, probably not the world's, but they did work together to solve the difficulties in each of their own personal worlds. 

Cindy was a single mom of twins, often struggling with the ability to provide all that her kids needed. She wasn't afraid to go without, for her kids or for another single mom. 

When Cindy passed away from lung cancer a few years ago, her last words to Kolleen were, 'We're going to change the world, you and I."  

The day after Christmas in 2021, after learning that two single moms often have no gift under the Christmas tree for themselves, God began to reveal His intentions for changing the world for single moms through Cindy's influence:  A Very Merry Cindy Christmas.  

Nominate a Single Mom 

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How You Can Help!
We will fill 40 baskets with gifts for the single moms who attend our luncheon. We are seeking to lavish some love on each woman who attends.  *personal items, household goods and products, gift cards, etc.

If you are able to help fill a basket, let us know here!

Thank you!