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My Story of Expectant Faith by Shirley Hartnett

In the Gospel of Mark chapter five, we read about a woman who had been stricken with what Mark describes as an issue of blood (vs. 24-34). Now, according to The Law, this issue of blood meant she was unclean and, as unclean, she was required to remain outside of the community. (See Leviticus 15).

When I read her story, I see a perfect example of a woman with expectant faith. She'd heard about Jesus and what He'd done for others, and determined she was worthy, too.

When she finally had an opportunity to encounter Him, she didn’t reach out with trusting faith and say, “This a good Man, I trust Him. He will give me the best possible result.” She didn’t reach out with believing faith and say, “This is the Messiah.” Instead, when she reached out she said, “If I touch Him, I shall get well.” She expected that touching Him, would bring her healing.

Expectant faith means we have to do something before we see God act. For example, Peter had to walk on the water. God made the water hold Peter up but Peter had to act first.

I recently had to give a speech as part of an organization I belong to, Toastmasters. Not only did I NOT want to give the speech, but I especially didn’t want to give it in the place where I experienced severe trauma. I tried every day to walk into the building; each day reliving my trauma. The day I was to present my speech, I still found myself struggling to take the necessary steps to enter that building. I tried everything:



studying God’s Word,

and pleading.

Nothing worked. 

In a moment of desperation, I blurted out my frustration, and the mighty people of God prayed for me. One friend drove me to the building, and then, practically shoved me into the building.

God revealed to me that this trauma had become so deep that I also needed my mom’s touch. She was my advocate. My mom is in heaven, but her jacket wrapped around me finally empowered me to take the steps necessary to overcome it.

How Does Expectant Faith Grow?

Expectant Faith grows through our experiences because we see what God can do.

Expectant Faith grows through people who have faith.

Expectant Faith grows by God directly imparting it to us.

Expectant Faith grows by listening to God’s Word.

I needed all four. I did give the speech and—what do you know—won the contest. 

Many things work against faith: fears, doubts, anxiety, hesitancy, feelings, lies, and confusion.

I had all of these. A friend did impart wisdom. He said it’s not about what happened to me, or the building. It’s about the story, given through my speech, and those people who needed to hear it.

Do you need faith-building truth that will lead you to expectancy of hope? God loves us, He is with us, He is in us through the power of the Holy Spirit. Expectant Faith means we have to ACT and let God do the rest.

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